Indigo Antiqua 2 Value Pack

Indigo Antiqua 2 Value Pack

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Indigo Antiqua 2  
is an Old Style Serif typeface from Fontanova Ström AB, designed by Johan Ström.

Fontanova is the only legal seller of Indigo Antiqua 2.

The non-obtrusive design as a whole, with influences from 16th and 17th century typefaces, might be familiar to the reader and hopefully makes her/him feel well at ease. A serif typeface for allround use and with High-Legibility. A typeface for books, magazines, folders, letterheads, web use and all sorts of everyday challenging typography.

This Value Pack includes Indigo Antiqua 2 Desktop and Indigo Antiqua 2 Web fonts.

The formats are: OpenType Font (OTF), Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Embedded Open Type Font (EOT).

Indigo Antiqua 2 Regular
Indigo Antiqua 2 Italic
Indigo Antiqua 2 Bold
Indigo Antiqua 2 Bold Italic

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